Saturday, August 28, 2010

Application of Ruling planet method of KP for BTR

Respected Bhaskerji,

Hare Rama Krsna.

I thought to test this both birth data on the basis of KP ruling planet method which you have demonstrated many time :), but i don't know that it can be used in the following way or now, just an experiment. :)

[i took KP ayanamsha in following analysis]

Data 1

Natal Chart

Date: April 21, 1973
Time: 18:01:00

Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place: 72 E 50' 00", 18 N 58' 00"
Mumbai, India

Here Ascendent Details is
sign lord: mercury
star lord : Mars
sub lord : Rahu
sub sub lord : Venus.

Data 2
Natal Chart

Date: April 24, 1973
Time: 16:28:00
Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place: 72 E 50' 00", 18 N 58' 00"
Mumbai, India

Here Ascendent Details is
sign lord: Mercury
star lord : Sun
sub lord : Rahu
sub sub lord :Mercury.

Now Ruling Planets are for the following time :

Date: February 25, 2010
Time: 20:41:20
Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place: 75 E 49' 00", 26 N 55' 00"
Jaipur, India

LSRD method :)
Lagna sign lord Mercury,  Star lord (Rasi) Jupiter, moon sign (Rasi) lord Mercury, Day lord jupiter.
Ketu in mercury sign, rahu in jupiter sign.
so final RP's are Mer, ketu, Jupiter, Rahu [ & SUN].
I have additionally taken SUN also as it is very close conjunct with jupiter within 3 deg.

If we match with data 1, mars and venus does not fit in any way.
but with data 2 all RP's are coming so i think Data 2 could be more correct.

This exercise is just an experiment.

Vijay Goel
Dear Goel ji,

This is a good way to apply the KP Method. Can You kindly give me the
Asc degrees for both the charts ?

best wishes,

Respected Bhaskerji,

//But I am extremely happy that You are making the right use of the RP's and
this is the way they must be used always.//

I have learnt this method from the basic inputs you have provided to this forum
and once personally to me.
If someones understand Basics than he can move forward more conveniently..
Your happiness is the A+ grading for me :)
//24th April 1973 16.21 Bombay. Those who make a Sayana Chart with these details
will get a better idea of the right Lagna.//

In sayan ayanamsha chart automatically gets very strong. but this chart is 'kala
aksar bhais barabar' for me to read.

Vijay Goel


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