Saturday, August 28, 2010

Narad Puran Pg. 62 Gita Press Publisher

Dear M* and all,

I am attaching the page 62 of Narad Puran, which clearly mentions that those surviving by giving the readings based on nakshtras [astrologers] goes to Hell.
Since this version does not contain slokas please somebody find the sanskrit Slokes and make comment on it.

Dev Rishi Narad taught astrology to the world why this type of statement is their.

Vijay Goel
Please download Narad Puran from the link below and read the page 62 of it. It is in HIndi.

Respected B*ji,

Dev Rishi Narad is among the first Guru's who taught astrology to mankind.
I donot have any doubt in Him.

Their is interesting quote from Swami Sivananda Maharaj on the nature of mind.

// You have heard the saying, "The Devil can quote scriptures for its purpose". Similarly the mind can use a virtue to indulge in a vice. It has an inborn inclination to perversion. It can even take the support of a perfectly good principle to seemingly justify the most unprincipled sort of action. Unless it is scrutinised dispassionately, its tricks are never fully discovered. //

This type of mind is born by Kaul type of people. I have no worries nor have any time for these type of people.

My basic thinking is among the FRAUD and CHEATING in any profession linked with material knowledge (CA, law, etc), is liable for less punishment than those who are doing in the name of Devas and spiritual knowledge.

My basic purpose for quoting this page so that we can get the right sanskrit sloke and have proper understanding of it.

Thanking you,
Vijay Goel

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