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Sthana hani karo Jeeva, Sthana Vriddi karo Sani

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The complete sloke which is populer in north India is as follows :

"Jeeva Shetre Yada Sani, sani shetra yada jeeva.
Sthana hani karo jeeva, Sthana Vriddi karo Sani "

This sloke has been also discussed in details with examples in the
Magazine Jyotish Manthan August 2002 issue.

Since i have lot of discussion about this sloke with the author of the article (who was teacher of us at ICAS)  in magazine before it went to published.

The conclusion i remember are :
First of all it means that
Whenever jupiter is in Makar or Kumbh
OR Saturn in Dhanu or Meena, (it is not at all the case of parivartana).
Than Saturn can bring 'Vriddi' OR Jupiter can bring  'Hani' of the house but what ?

Jupiter will lose its jeeva properties mainly like in 5th H problems related with children, in Lagna lack of semen, in 12th H cheats others, in 3H miser, etc.

It should be also noted that in north it is very populer that Kumbh rasi is used as the another exalted rasi for jupiter. Suppose Kumbh jupiter in 2H can give lot of wealth but no family happiness.

Similarly saturn will increase normally the material properties of the house.

This principle is very vague in nature and it should be applied with caution though it can be searched in panchangs.

I hope you are more cleared and there is no need for this sloke in advance application of astrology.

Vijay Goel
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raj said...

in my patrika sani nd guru both in same house 9th,with ketu and chandra.third house rahu alone and 7th house have 4 som,mangal,budh and sukra nd lagan is vrich (2) can u tell me some and i call u ?my email is