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At least 50 dead in western Europe storms

Dated 28th feb 2010.


At least 50 people have been killed in storms that have lashed parts of Spain,
Portugal and France, officials say.

Forty-five of the victims died in France, where many drowned or were hit by
parts of buildings or falling trees.

Winds of up to 140km/h (87mph) caused chaos as they moved from Portugal up
through the Bay of Biscay.

The storm system is moving north-eastwards and areas of France bordering Belgium
and Germany are on alert for heavy rain and high winds.

The death toll from Chile's earthquake has more than doubled to 708 and is
expected to rise further, President Michelle Bachelet has said.

Previously about 300 people were reported to have been killed in Saturday's 8.8
magnitude quake - one of the most powerful recorded.

Massive damage is hampering rescue teams as they struggle to reach those still
buried in the rubble.

However a Pacific-wide alert for a tsunami has been lifted.

Speaking to reporters on Sunday, Ms Bachelet said: "The catastrophe is enormous.
The latest number I have is 708 dead.

Effect of debilited mars in water sign???

warmest regards

Dear Shivaniji and all,

//Effect of debilited mars in water sign???//

Mars cannot cause earthquakes, i think it is Mercury which is Pritvi
tattwa and causes earthquakes, it also indicate change in weather. Mars
indicate Wars and Violent death, terrorism in mundane astrology.

Mercury in Kumbha Rasi with sun, jupiter, venus aspected by retro mars
and moon, (opposition\conjuction of sun & moon is important), both rasi
of mercury is affected by saturn and ketu, Moon opposition to Mercury or
Moon in Mercury star is the key factors for earthquake.

We have to see that which sign rules 'Chile' : Kumbha , Mithuna, Simha,
Tula or not ??
Fourth and eight houses should be heavily afflicted ? We can look Sun
ingress in Kumbha rasi Chart of that country's capital also.

I think BVB has produced the article on it in JOB few years back.

Happy Holi to all,

Best Wishes,
Vijay Goel

Dear Vijay ji,


Thank you for your imput..

I think the independece chart of chili is given as..
Independence from Spain
September 18, 1810, 9:26 am LMT (02:08:40 pm GMT), Santiago (70w40, 38s27)
Source: dr. Carlos Raitzin

Lagna is scopio rashi, and current dasha period is that of mercury-rahu.

Ketu is transiting the 8H gem,rahu in 2H, mars in 9H cancer with shani in 11H
kanya, sun venus mercury and jupiter in 4H aquarious.

warmest regards

Dear Sheevaniji,

Hare Rama Krsna !

In scorpio Lagna, with mer\rahu\sat\mer at the time of earthquake, is not good
at all. All dasa factors is related to 4th, 8th & 11H houses.

With lagnesh Mars retro for such a long time, jupiter totally combust, 4th and
8th house is heavily afflicted in transits, Tr. sat aspecting Natal saturn and
crossing over Natal sun in Sun's star, bringing great havoc financially to King
(10H) and its people (4H).


These few days transits are very weak for all Jal tattwa lagna and must be very
cautious if any wrong dasa is going on.


Look i do not have any experience in earthquake analysis, this are just post
mortem analysis.

Vijay Goel

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