Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Rasi wise yearly prediction ARIES

Aries Sign : Those having Moon or Ascendent in Aries :

16th Dec’13 to 14th Jan 14,
Native born in this sign could suffer from health problems. Blood related problems, skin allergies, indigestion related issues will be more. Expenses related to properties is seen. Those who want to renovate properties can get loan easily.
This is best period for business people. They will be earning lot of reputation and good earnings. Professional will rise . Aries native could hear good news from children. Those are in job or service people will be in work pressure.

14th jan 14 to 13th feb 2014

Marital problems is seen. Health of wife could be weak. Those who are in service will get rise in reputation and get reorganization in their work. Work pressure for business class. They must bring efforts to fulfill their orders.  Aries native must avoid enmity at any cost and avoid lies. Children will prosper. Expenses in renovation in properties. Professionals will rise and prosper.

13th feb 2014 to 14th Mar 14

Marital problems is seen. Native should avoid quarrel with in-laws.  Service people will have financial gains. Native’s children will face competition in studies and get success. Medical expenses could be their. Financial gains to spouse. Businessmen can get support from government sectors. Properties related quarrel in family.

14th Mar 14 to 14th April 14

Marital problems is seen. There could be rise in medical expenditure. Business people could face trouble from government. Professionals could be non satisfied with their own work. Best period for service class people. Financial gains is seen for them. Native’s children will prosper and good news from them.

14th April 14 to 15th May 14

 Lots of work pressure. Financial gains from spouse. Work may get cancelled at the last moment. Overall weak period for all Aries natives. Lot of expenses and increase in debts.

Worries with respect to children. Keep the eye on servants and colleagues. For any new works, do it in the spouse’s name.

15th May 14 to 16th June’14

Works are getting delayed without any reasons. Laziness will increase towards goals. Good period to meet with relatives. Good enjoyment with relative. Expenditure  towards holidays and travel. There is good possibilities for long distance travel and foreign tours.

16th June’14 to 15th July’14

Friction in relationships. Those in love affairs might break-up in this month. Keep mind cool. Do not criticize other. Risk can be taken for career and profession. Good relations with government officials. Easy life and go going attitude this month. Most benefit month for service people.

15th July ’14 to 17th Aug’14

Very good period for professionals. Those waiting for marriage can get finalized this month. Those who desired legal break-up can also get divorce certificates. Feeling peace in life. Feeling of abundance in life. Success in competitions. Those who needs transfer in Job will get in this month. Travel safely, prone to accidents.

17th Aug’14 to 17th Sep’14 :

Romantic season is on. Native will get gift from spouse. For competitions work hard. Focus on health. Pitta dosha can cross over limits. Elders in family will give support. Prone to accidents.

17th Sep’14 to 17th Oct’14 :

Serious problems in relationship. Problem in career. Expenses relation to medical bills. Native children’s may suffer from health issues. Health problems to spouse. Do not quarrel with sisters. Do not fight with in-laws. Take help from them.  Keep eyes on staff. Beware of enemies backbiting.

17th Oct’14 to 16th Nov’14

Major changes in career.  In good charts this could lead to transfer and promotion whereas in bad charts transfer with problems or chances of job. Businessmen will this period difficult. Marital life will be in problem.

16th Nov’14 to 16th Dec’14

Those natives waiting for foreign travel can move in this month.  Those in Job can get their work done through their boss. They are going to help them. Help the parents. Do the duties timely and don’t right with siblings.

16th Dec’14 to 31st Dec’14

Main focus on career. Good period for professionals, traders and businessmen. Those on property, real estate career, they can have good earning and investment. 

Best Wishes
Vijay Goel

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