Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Rasi wise yearly prediction CANCER



16th Dec’13 to 14th Jan’14

Lot of expenses will be there. There could be some religious ceremony.  Marital life will be happy. Parents will support. Do not take risk in this period especially related to share market. Those who are planning for foreign travel, this is best period. Long distance traveling can take place. Fruitful period for businessmen and professionals. Recover for those who are suffering from disease.

14th Jan’14 to 13th Feb’14

Keep cool mind this month. Health of spouse could suffer. Children will perform good. Keep good relation with brothers and brother-in-laws. They might need help. Support of parent is present in your decisions. Expenses are continued. Traveling is there.

13th Feb’14 to 14th Mar 14

Some new planning will get executed for career in this month. Businessmen might make more investment. Their could be change in home or office. This month is accident prone, so be cautious while traveling. Be cautious with health as there could be chance of heart stroke, please check up early.

14th Mar 14 to 14th April 14

Medical expenses are seen. This is weak month and there could be obstacle from all side of life. Do not meddle much, just try to keep cool and pass the time. Religious expenses are also seen.

14th April 14 to 15th May 14

Lots of traveling is seen. There could be transfers in job, shift in place, change in residence.  Native may feel too much weakness at health. Less income and high expenses. Drive carefully as this month is prone to accidents.

15th May 14 to 16th June’14

Again lot of traveling is seen. There could be improvement in earnings but no change in expenses and will continue as per earlier month. Medical expenses is present. Better period from earlier month.

16th June’14 to 15th July’14

Lot of pressure at work. Natives may become too much lazy at work. Urgent need of money may lead to break the fixed deposits in bank. Their could be support from government.

15th July ’14 to 17th Aug’14

Lots of positive changes. Hard of past will start giving results from this month. Enemies will get destroyed automatically. Reputation will start rising. Expenses regarding health of spouse. Native in job and professionals will be more benefited. There is need for care for children as they might face lot of frustration. Support from government sector.

17th Aug’14 to 17th Sep’14

Very good period for career. Promotions, increments, incentives all are on way in this month. Religious long distance traveling. Health of children and mother may suffer. Disagreement with father. Try to avoid dominant attitude.

17th Sep’14 to 17th Oct’14

Romantic period. Love life will shine this month. Flirting attitude will dominant. Exporters will have huge benefits. Business will expand to neighbouring states. Professional may produce research papers , they can avail awards and many other acclamations. Luck of spouse will flourish. Enemies with get destroyed.

17th Oct’14 to 16th Nov’14

Enemies will get vanquished. Working spouse will get promotion and financial benefits. There could be disagreement at home. It is better to follow spouse advices this month. Children may suffer health problems. All communication should be short and clear. Before signing any agreement check it for three times.

16th Nov’14 to 16th Dec’14

Best period for native doing job. There could be breakage in love relationship. Avoid adamant attitude. Children may suffer. There could be success in competition after initial difficulties. Benefits from government sector. Investment in properties could be there.

16th Dec’14 to 31st Dec’14

Health problems to spouse. Those waiting for divorce can opt for compromises. Married daughters may face problems. Too much negative thoughts. Avoid too much jealousy. Enemies may harm you. Keep good relation with in-laws and Maternal uncles. They might help you out.

Best Wishes
Vijay Goel

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