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Retrograde Motion of planets in 2014

At each planet’s retrograde times, slow down progress on the outer plane but give us powerful opportunities for introspection and reflection on how well we’re expressing a given planet’s potentials. When the planet moves forward again, you can begin applying what you learned during your retrograde reflections.


Mercury: Messenger, Communication, Expression.
When Mercury is retrograde, we often experience slowdowns, obstacles, errors, and other challenges. Typically, these issues affect areas ruled by Mercury, such as communication, travel, commerce, contracts, computers, electronics, and gadgets. Retrograde periods offer an excellent time for all tasks involving “re” such as reviewing, redoing, rewriting, and reworking.
Rather than starting anything new or launching a new project or product, you can make the most of Mercury’s retrograde by slowing down, noticing your thoughts, and observing how you and others communicate. Also notice what new information comes to light, both during and at the end of the retrograde period; often, helpful data surfaces that makes it much easier to make better decisions and move forward more effectively after the retrograde ends. In addition, retrograde times are excellent for starting to meditate, making time for inner reflection, and enjoying solitude.

Mercury Retrograde Periods 2014

  • 6 - 28 February : Capricon
  • 7 June -1 July : Gemini
  • 4 - 25 October : Virgo

Venus: Love, Values, Relationships.Whenever Venus moves, pay special attention to love, values, and relationships as well as beauty, pleasure, and pampering. This beautiful planet helps us attract and be attracted by others and that she sweetens all that she touches.
Venus Retrograde Periods 2014

  • 21 December 2013 - 31 January 2014 : Capricon

Mars: Drive and Passion, Action and Adventure.
Whenever Mars moves, pay special attention to drive, energy, and passion as well as action, adventure, and leadership.This brash planet by it's courageous energies helps us take action and succeed in life’s many battles.

Mars Retrograde Periods 2014

  • 1 March - 19 May :Libra

Jupiter: Optimism, Expansion, and Benevolence
This planet infuses us with dreams of greatness, an urge to expand everything, and a benevolent spirit ready to share whatever it has with others. Jupiter also brings a jovial, optimistic feeling and the desire for complete freedom to discover new places, people, and experiences; often, this energy beckons us to wide open spaces.

During Jupiter’s retrograde period in Cancer, take time to reflect on how well you’re taking care of yourself. What do you truly need to feel safe, nurtured, and cared for? If you live in a household with other people, think about how you and your loved ones interact and care for each other. Do all in the household feel safe expressing their needs, and are daily routines organized to ensure everyone has what’s needed to make the most of each day?

Jupiter Retrograde Periods 2014

  • 6 November 2013 - 6 March 2014 :Gemini
  • 8 December 2014 - 8 April 2015 : Cancer

Saturn: Firmness, Contraction, Coldness.
Saturn is the grown-up of the zodiac, the stern taskmaster who pushes us to rise above our current circumstances by working hard and with integrity. This planet is famous for its rings, which are made mostly of ice along with some dust and other debris. The rings’ formations are both beautiful and symbolic of this planet’s preoccupation with material structure and tendency toward emotional coldness; their location surrounding the planet also indicates this planet’s focus on boundaries, limitations, and order as well as the tendency for people with Saturn prominent in their charts to seek solitude and build emotional walls to protect their surprisingly sensitive inner selves.

Saturn Retrograde Periods 2014

  • 2 March - 20 July 2014 : Libra

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