Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Rasi wise yearly prediction VIRGO


16th Dec’13 to 14th Jan’14
Lot of emotional disturbance. Spouse might get injured or ill health. Many new opportunities will come as well as lot of pressure in the present work. Don’t be rude or harsh in communication. There could be misunderstanding at home. Luck of spouse will work. Short distance traveling or temporary holiday from work

14th Jan’14 to 13th Feb’14
Lot of applause in career. Professionals and intellectuals may nominated for awards. Business will grow. Those who are in service will get increment. Overall good period for all. This month is prone to accidents so be very careful while driving. Expenditure related to properties and luxuries needs of home.

13th Feb’14 to 14th Mar 14
Career wise good month, growth will be there. Take care of own health, this is weak month. Be very careful on legal matter. There are also chances of government penalties. Their could be dispute related to property related matters.

14th Mar 14 to 14th April 14
Matters related properties should be dealt with wisdom. There could be problems at spouse’s parental house. Sister’s could be at problems. There could be change in career. Change of place and transfers are possible.  

14th April 14 to 15th May 14
There could be lot of legal problems. Expenses on spouse related to luxuries. People who will take money from you will have too much difficult to return back. Government penalties are seen. Health wise be careful. Keep anger at control, loss of wisdom at decision making could arise further new problems in life.

15th May 14 to 16th June’14
Better period than previous month. Things will start improving. Purchase of vehicle is seen. Spouse might have misunderstanding with parent-in-laws. Children can move out of city for study. Traveling could be there.

16th June’14 to 15th July’14
Sharp rise in career. Work will get highlighted and will receive applauds. Health problems could be there to father and children. Children may move to distance place for studies. Father will support you in all matters. Benefits from government sector.

15th July ’14 to 17th Aug’14
Favorable month for promotion and uplift in career. Success from all sectors of life. Businessmen will grow and professional can get benefits from government sector. Love life will be charming. Do not lie and cheat other’s in this month.

17th Aug’14 to 17th Sep’14
Financially good period. There will be increase in income as well as investment will be  there. Problems can be there regarding children.  Spouse family may face troubles or accidents. Religious travel or expenditure.

17th Sep’14 to 17th Oct’14
Weakness in body due to extra physical work. Marital life will be good. Confusion in mind when making decisions. Headache could be there. Children will rise. Career wise favorable month. Possibility of accidents this month. Overall favorable period.

17th Oct’14 to 16th Nov’14
Again weakness in body will continue, do yoga and exercise to cop up. There could be worries related to father.  Expenditure over health. Arrogance and irritation will increase. Do not speak lies and make promises. Take care of eyes this month. Susceptible to viral infections.

16th Nov’14 to 16th Dec’14
Support of spouse in emergency matters. Keep good relation with in-laws. Do not accept any electronic gift from in-laws. Own health should be taken care off due to physical weakness. Favorable period for father. Business will grow. Overall average month.

16th Dec’14 to 31st Dec’14
Don’t take extra ordinary risk. Lavishness will increase at home. There will be meetings with old friends. Guests will be coming and have enjoyment with them. Keep control over anger and frustration especially over children and wife. Try to do remedies related to Sun this month.

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