Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Rasi wise yearly prediction GEMINI


16th Dec’13 to 14th Jan’14
This new year will be fortunate for Gemini natives. They will like to earn fast money this year and can involve in gambling, share market or commodities. They must first check their own horoscope before entering into it as in this month they may experience loss. This month can bring long distance journeys. Happiness from children will be not satisfactory. Take care of own health. Marital happiness will be very little. 

14th Jan’14 to 13th Feb’14
Best period for love marriages. Can get inheritance from parents. Traveling is indicated. Investment in property could be made. Loans could me easily available. Overall time is good. Stability in career is not there.

13th Feb’14 to 14th Mar 14
Avoid aggression and fights in all sector. Operation could happen. Prone to accidents. Breakups in love affairs.  Give donations and perform good deeds. This period is very good for political persons. Sour relation with father could be there. Health of children should be taken care off.

14th Mar 14 to 14th April 14
It’s time to improve relation with father. One can start any new business. Health of children could be weak, lot of care is will be needed for them. Natives are prone to accidents.  Decision making should be avoided as mind could be too much confused and wandering.

14th April 14 to 15th May 14
Lot of exertion in work. Good earning period. Business will grow. Native may enter in new love affairs, but focus in this month will be on career. Some disputes related to properties could happen. Keep the mind cool. Keep thinking positive and control over wandering thoughts.

15th May 14 to 16th June’14
Expenses over medical bill is seen. Health of parents, children or own good self should be taken care off. One may has to face government penalties. Easiness at work arena.   
Support from spouse will extent lot of relief. Professionals may receive awards, recognization in their fields.

16th June’14 to 15th July’14
Very good period for all sectors of work arena. Those who are of marriageable age could get married. Some issues regarding children could be at focus. Family matters will be at focus. These can be solved with proper understanding and wisdom. Meeting with religious people or dhram guru is possible.
15th July ’14 to 17th Aug’14
Their could be big chances and developments in career. Very important month in this whole year. Take wise decision as this will define for coming few months. Donot be in hurry. Take advice from wife and elders in family like grandparents, Kul-Gurus. Parent’s advice might not help you out. Control over short temperedness .

17th Aug’14 to 17th Sep’14
Peaceful period after few months. Can enjoy get together with family members and friends. Small journeys can take place. Easiness at work arena or move out for holidays. Marital happiness will increase.

17th Sep’14 to 17th Oct’14
Meetings with close friends. New friendship with high officials. There could be extra ordinary support from high officials. Business will grow. Luck is at utmost favor. Investment in properties. Huge support from spouse or female friends.

17th Oct’14 to 16th Nov’14
Health problems to spouse. Do take risk in share market, although good time fortune wise.  Do not misbehave with parents, help them. Keep control over pride. Expenses over properties and luxuries.

16th Nov’14 to 16th Dec’14
More focus on children. Competition will be negligible. Success from all sectors. Avoid immoral activities. Many new opportunities will come in career. Business will grows substantiality.

16th Dec’14 to 31st Dec’14
Happiness from marital life and love life. Chances to get inheritance from parents. Substantial rise in business. Professionals will have growth. Problems related to stomach and digestion. There could be asthma related problems.

Best Wishes
Vijay Goel


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