Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Rasi wise yearly prediction LEO


16th Dec’13 to 14th Jan’14
Fortunate period for acquiring properties, making investment in land and buildings. Native may have less understanding with others. Siblings could need help. Children will rise and give positive results. They will get respectable success in education  New comers can get the job easily.

14th Jan’14 to 13th Feb’14
Fortunate month for professional, artist, singers, fashion designers, etc those related to arts and skills. Favors from government sector is seen. Marital happiness will increase. Their will be prominent feeling of solitude and loneliness. All efforts in this month has to be done your yourself and don’t expect much help from others. Brother may meet  for inheritance matters.

13th Feb’14 to 14th Mar 14
Again very good month for professionals. Keep the mind cool in this month. Many person will come into limelight for their work and contributions. Keep control over ambitions. Try to maintain good relations with spouse. Those are in the business of imports\exports will rise in this month. Weakness and tiredness will be felt.

14th Mar 14 to 14th April 14
Marital relations will improve. Health related to spouse could be an issue. Business will improve.  New dealing will be added. Lot of short traveling, that could lead to tiredness and weakness in body.

14th April 14 to 15th May 14
Wrong decision can give  lot of financial losses in this month. Before making any agreement take advice from professionals. Do not indulge in stock market. Parent can be in trouble, help them. Good period for romance and affairs. Business will grow. Native could face penalties from government sectors.

15th May 14 to 16th June’14
Lot of traveling. Rise in reputation and accreditation for work. Children will prosper. Prone to accidents. Religious traveling could be there. This month their will be more focus towards career and duties. Financial improving. Business will flourish and professionals will prosper. Those in job will be more in traveling. Weak understanding with brothers and sisters

16th June’14 to 15th July’14
One of the best month for financial benefits. Money could come from all sides. Those money which got struck in past, they may get recover this month. Businessmen must recover their bad debts this month. Professionals will rise. Take care of owns health. Sudden weakness in body could occur.

15th July ’14 to 17th Aug’14
Best month to invest in properties. Those waiting to purchase house, they can avail it.
Very good romantic month. Marital life will have sharp improvement. Expenditure in religious activities. Support from government. Expenses on own health. Native may join gym or some yoga centre. They take up sport activities for health.

17th Aug’14 to 17th Sep’14
Those who are doing exercise or in any physical sport activities, this month will bring huge health benefits. Foreign tours are seen. Those are in import\exports will get benefited this month. Enjoyment period.

17th Sep’14 to 17th Oct’14
Properties related matters will be in focus. Those interested in purchasing or selling land can do this month very easily. Children could move to distance place for study or job. Spouse’s luck will work this month. Avoid harsh words and criticism. Overall average month, nothing special to worry.

17th Oct’14 to 16th Nov’14
In joint family those waiting for separation, this month can lead to property division. Partnership may break. Maintain good relations with sisters and father’s sisters. Native’s can purchase house. Take care of health and do not indulge in any combat, one may lose reputation.

16th Nov’14 to 16th Dec’14
Their will be good financial increment in father’s career. Their will be support of father to get rise in career. Government officials may help you our to sort out any problems. Support of spouse in all matters. Businessmen will have good growth. Imports\ Exports will increase.

16th Dec’14 to 31st Dec’14
Good romantic period. Marital happiness will increase. Overall prosperity will increase. Professionals will grow. Religious travel. Those waiting for marriage is good month from them. Focus will be on children and their career.

Best Wishes
Vijay Goel

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