Monday, January 05, 2015

Rashiphal Aquarius 2015


29th Dec’14 to 15th Jan’15
New year starts with joy, pleasure and profits. You like to talk about what you feel-especially with close friends and family members. It is easier to show your love for someone and create happiness. Businessmen can expand their work and get huge result with hard work. By being friendly and accommodating without relinquishing your interests, you are an effective leader on any project.

14th Jan’15 to 13th Feb’15
Their could be expenses at domestic fronts. One can enjoy traveling to distance place with wife and children. Powerful attractions keep you fully involved. Pursuing the things that you like satisfies, and the pleasures you experience are often intense and enjoyable.
You may get the loan easily to square up your excessive expenses. There is chance of levying any government penalties. Hard work is key to success in this month.

13th Feb’15 to 15th Mar 15
Native will be interested  into finer details of his underhand projects. He will have intelligent observation and supervision on his work. At domestic front it will be better not to criticize brothers and listen to them. Avoid aggression and speak soft and sweet. There could be chances that problems could rise up suddenly. Their could be problems related to health of parents. Matters related to ancestral property could erupt this month. 
15th Mar 15 to 14th April 15
In business partnership may dissolve. Regular income could fall and one could face litigation. Their could be lot of pressure at work and hard work could lead to sudden huge profits. At domestic front more focus could be needed for children, their issues should be addressed properly and at priority.  Your thinking should attune easily to the people and the environment around you, which likely enhances your position. It is a good time to plan changes in your home environment to better satisfy your needs.

14th April 15 to 15th May 15
Shifting from one place to another or to change the rented house is indicated. Their could be transfer at job. This period is very good times for players as their performance will be at best. It is a good time for games and being playful. There is possibility of accident while driving so be careful. It is easier to meet people because you like to stay busy and be on the move. Business tours will be fruitful.

15th May 15 to 15th June’15
This is a good period to consider different sides of an issue and reach a balanced opinion at career. Opposing thoughts cause indecision, especially if you cannot separate needs from wants. Discussions with parents or about parenting make you aware of how to be supportive without being dependent. Negotiations can become polarized now, and strategies can create a conflict within you that makes it difficult to take a decision. Health related problem of wife could creep up.  

15th June’15 to 17th July’15
You relieve the stress of life by leaving it behind for awhile and belief in yourself. The information you have received so far use it with your own creativity and deep thinking than take decisions. Professionals must act with prudence and caution and don’t be in hurry and aggressive. At domestic front either wife or children could face health problems. With proper planning and decision you can earn substantial profits this month.

17th July ’15 to 17th Aug’15
Profits would still continue this month. Those in exports can get substantial orders. It’s a favorable period for interviews and competitions. Its not the period to sit idle. By paying attention, you can clearly see how to separate the unimportant from the essential facts. With a tendency to change your mind frequently, you may frustrate others, even though to you it means a flexible outlook. Often your will is tested during this period. By focusing on what is most important, you can accomplish what must be done to the exclusion of everything else.

17th Aug’15 to 17th Sep’15
This period starts will honor and accomplishment for your hard work done. You would get noticed and center of attraction. Popularity would increase. Although you will be in jolly mood but still you may hurt unintentionally through speech. At domestic front pay attention to the issues related to wife. You may have to help sisters as they may face serious problems.  

17th Sep’15 to 18th Oct’15
In business matter as well as in love matter there is big chances to get cheated. Be cautious and act with prudence. Government penalties can be levied therefore maintain and recheck the accounts and taxations beforehand. At domestic front also very weak period related to family and parents. Take shelter under God and have patience.

18th Oct’15 to 17th Nov’15
The solutions of previous  problems are done but its residual effects are seen. Care for parents is needed. Diffraction among partners should be resolved with talks and mature thinking. Thoughts on the differences of a relationship are more likely now, and discussions can help put them into the proper perspective. With the advice of elders and support of authorities, one can come out of financial losses. 
17th Nov’15 to 16th Dec’15
You would be more focused at work and working in a disciplined manner will help you to lead good profits. By focusing on what is most important, you can accomplish what must be done to the exclusion of everything else. This is a time to work hard to get it right for future success. Support from family members is indicated. Matters related to wife and in-law family will also be in focus.

16th Dec’15 to 31st Dec’15
Support from government sector is indicated. Family matters would easily get resolved. Avoid speaking harshly and give respect to all. Hard work done in last month would result into good profits this month. Improvement is indicated in all sector of life. Health matters will have speedy recovery.

Best Wishes
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Vedic Astrologer and Vastular
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