Monday, January 05, 2015

Rashiphal Tauras 2015


1st Jan’15 to 14th Jan’15
For some this period could be for fun, long distance traveling ,enjoyment and surprises whereas for others sudden problems, accidents and losses are seen. Drive very carefully and be safe with sharp objects. Parents related problems will be at more focus. You could be appreciated for taking up responsibilities of family with sincerity.

14th Jan’15 to 13th Feb’15
You can get very good support from father in all family related, property related matters and in general life. Financial gains is seen. One has to carry too much responsibilities and duties. Happiness in work will increase. Support from females in career could be there. Those are in exports, they can get good business. Appreciation in career is expected. Some physical ailments like headache, weakness could occur.

13th Feb’15 to 15th Mar 15
Profits from exports trading. Those expecting loan for their properties can get it easily. One can change office. Increase in name, fame and reputation. In job promotion can be expected. New relationship and love affairs could be developed. Very good support of females in career and life. Financial increment is seen. At domestic front, expenditure could be for on furniture and other lavishness items. Spouse will be happy.

15th Mar 15 to 14th April 15
Support from siblings is seen. Government related works could get accomplished. Business will reap profits. Good news from children could be heard. Parent could be at focus. Very good support from spouse. Children will prosper. Increment in salary, promotion in job. Be careful while speaking and don’t cultivate enmity in heart. Those are in marriageable age can get married this month.

14th April 15 to 15th May 15
Expenditure in religious activities. There could be expenditure related to elder member in family. One could be fined with penalties from the government department. There could be expenditure related to celebration in home like marriage, etc. There could be rise in reputation due to annihilation of enemies. People involve in NGOs could get fame. Businessmen can make capital investments. They can invest in properties.

15th May 15 to 16th June’15
Too much focus on self, self boosting and ego could increase. Businessmen could make a very good progress. Those in stock market must take decision based on calculation and avoid risks. Monetary gains is expected. Take case of father. Their could be expenses related government department and authorities. Too much physical weakness could be realized due to physical hard work and short traveling. Siblings could cooperates. Younger siblings may face physical danger.

16th June’15 to 17th July’15
In joint family, siblings may need you help. Elder siblings may face severe problems. Very good period for professionals. You could hear good news from children. There is possibility of division in properties in joint family. Any dispute regarding heritance might lit up in this period. You can purchase the vehicle. Wife may move to her father’s house for holidays.

17th July ’15 to 17th Aug’15
Very good period started to acquire properties and inheritance. Standard of living will improve this month. Lot of traveling is indicated. Any disputes can be solved through communication and agreement. This is very good period for people in tourism industry, hotel and restaurant business.  Don’t take risk in stock markets. Good news from children.   

17th Aug’15 to 17th Sep’15
Wish fulfillment month. Many success stories could come. Their is material growth and financial rise in career. Meeting with friends and relatives and having enjoyment time with them. In career, closeness and favor from higher authorities. Risk in health related matters. Any old disease can erupt now, but you will get the best treatment. Weakness in body could lead to laziness so avoid it through exercise. Overall peace at home.

17th Sep’15 to 17th Oct’15
Professionals will have great rise this month. It is very good period for top management people.  Good news from children. Those in marketing will be recognized for their target fulfillment. In job can expect promotion or good new opportunity for better change. Health wise keep yourself fit. Don’t take any worries and keep your mind in joyful mood as nervousness could bring wrong decisions.

17th Oct’15 to 17th Nov’15
Don’t involve in any property disputes. Be careful with health problems of parents especially mother. Children will be at focus. Overall there is progress with struggle. One has to face challenges and will win and grow. Student can go through competition and face interviews with success. Love, flirts and romance will be there in marital relationships.

17th Nov’15 to 16th Dec’15
Marital life will be at focus. Their could be some misunderstanding in marital life. Aggression is not a solution for anything. Businessmen should keep their mind cool with their customers. They can get some new opportunities, keep their eyes open. People in management jobs must use their own authority and power to assess discipline and accountability of their staff. Romance, love and flirtation will increase. Keep good relations with spouse.

16th Dec’15 to 31st Dec’15

Those are in exports and imports can get many new orders. Long distance traveling is indicated. Health of spouse seems to be in trouble. Students must focus on studies, poor results are expected. Love affairs can be turned into marriage easily.

Best Wishes
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