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Rashiphal Capricon 2015

Capricon :

29th Dec’14 to 15th Jan’15
Finding the time to enjoy yourself in the company of others soothes a troubled mind. Play makes work fun. Cheerful thoughts infuse the day, and a gesture of appreciation goes a long way. You may push your viewpoints on associates with no intention of retreating, which can offend them. If you have the assertiveness to challenge powerful people at work, then you may force your way. If not, those in power tend to challenge you. Try to apply your mental abilities on difficult problems as persistence can reward you.

14th Jan’15 to 13th Feb’15
Presenting new ideas or concepts and persistency in work can rewards you in this month. You can earn a promotion as well as financial benefits. Matters related to properties will be in prime focus and you can have profits from it.  Unexpected changes of direction can keep you off balance, although you should find that there is much to learn from what is new and unfamiliar. Use common sense and communication skills to solve any unfamiliar problems.

13th Feb’15 to 15th Mar 15
Hard work will lead to financial profits. Lot of traveling is indicated. Keep good relations with siblings. Its period to focus in your joint family and make active involvement  through communication and in celebrations with them. Express who you are, and the world should respond favorably. This is a time to celebrate what you have to offer; when in doubt have a party. Students must sharpen own skills by rigorous practice and can involve in extra curricular activities.

15th Mar 15 to 14th April 15
Taking action on problematic issues earns the respect of others and demonstrates your commitment. An effective leader now, you take your position seriously. Although you may be prompted by, or reminded of, your responsibilities, you will accept and act on them readily. Things that are important to you and to those in authority, must be more focused. Take care of pressing concerns so that you can move forward. Shifting is indicated.

14th April 15 to 15th May 15
This month their could be meeting with influenced people and old friends which could result into happiness. You can effectively use your creativity and expression of ideas. Finding the time to enjoy yourself in the company of others soothes a troubled mind. Play makes work fun. Cheerful thoughts infuse this month, and a gesture of appreciation goes a long way.   Try to avoid any dominant attitude and criticism this month.

15th May 15 to 15th June’15
In this period you have to play the role of leader. People will listen and obey you. Through negotiation you can get your job done. At domestic front you have to give time to your children and wife and solve their issues. You learn from those who are more experienced, and you convey what is important to you and to the people around you. You are selective in what you say, and you do best when you concentrate on the tasks at hand.

15th June’15 to 17th July’15
This period is favorable to face interviews and competition and can get success. Make efforts as long pending payment of the debtors can be recovered in first week. Negotiations are usually successful because you are good at promoting what you want, and you believe, or are believable, in what you sell. There can be expenses in property. There could be lot of short travels. At the end of month you may feel too much physically weak due to over exertion.

17th July ’15 to 17th Aug’15
The is lot of concern at domestic front especially for children and wife. Medical expenses are indicated. Financial it is a good period, bad debts could be recovered with little efforts. At business one should remain cool and calm whereas in job, one must be aggressive in dealing with others. Many good deals can be encased through proper negotiations.

17th Aug’15 to 17th Sep’15
Nothing will come easily, its period to have diligence and patience to bring success.  Any contracts or agreements that you sign at this time may bind you, and a job begun now may require a major commitment. It will better if one avoid quarrel as you will find people are coming to fight on petty reasons and you may face financial loss.

17th Sep’15 to 18th Oct’15
This period starts with financial pressure. Unforeseen circumstances may disturb you. Unwanted change with others may appear if you prefer an orderly life. Misunderstanding with boss is expected. Sister may need your help. Negotiations can become polarized now, and strategies can create a conflict within you that makes it difficult to take a stand. Work can bring out two contrasting sides of you. One is willing to support others and projects that need you, and the other is more concerned with being in charge for your own ego gratification. Judicial movement can bring good financial profits.

18th Oct’15 to 17th Nov’15
This period begins with success and financial achievements. Suddenly you would get highlighted among your colleagues and boss. There is rise in reputation. Your contacts with associates may be tense and lead to differences in viewpoints. Friction tends to emerge between the goals of the team and the will of an individual, between a group concept and a radical idea. Allowing everyone to have their say can unite them for a common goal or vision.

17th Nov’15 to 16th Dec’15
There is good support from government sector. Happiness is easier to attain. Any government approval needed for property related matter can be easily done. You can resolve property related litigation matter with the support of influence people. Dealing with powerful people or situations can result in success, if the occasion arises. Raising money often produces positive results, if you make the effort.

16th Dec’15 to 31st Dec’15
This period can bring some issues related to parents especially father. Donations can spread your reputation. You can hear good news from children. Be simple and humble and this can avoid many future complication.

Best Wishes
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