Monday, January 05, 2015

Rashiphal for Aries 2015

Aries :

16th Dec’14 to 14th Jan’15

Your new year could start with capital investment and expenses. There could be issues with parents-your father in particular. You could have difficulty with rules and authoritative people. Change in work place is seen. Support from children is seen.

14th Jan’14 to 13th Feb’15
Good news from children. Works will be done very easily. Luck is at favour . Many opportunities is seen. You can be recognized and get many applauds in career. Property related matters will get resolve easily. Support in family is seen. There could be shift in place. Financial benefits from family and career is seen.

13th Feb’14 to 15th Mar 15
Promotion with transfer in job could be there.  Health problems are seen. There could be health problems to wife. Expenses in medical bill. Lot of efforts and workload is there. Please stay away from fights and combat of any kind. Overall financial prosperity and benefits are in growth. From 5th March more expenses will increase. Children can bring good news.

15th Mar 15 to 14th April 15
Children may move to distance place for education. Worries and expenses related to children and a parent is indicated. Parents will give good support. Those who want to go for foreign tours is good opportunity for them.  There could be distance tours in job responsibilities. Too much mental tension is indicated in workplace. Students have to seriously work hard for success.

14th April 15 to 15th May 15
Too much relief is seen compared to last month.  Restore of peace and health of own and family members.  Competition will be decrease. Good success rate in competitions for students.  

15th May 15 to 16th June’15
This is very good period. Celebration type atmosphere will prevail at home. One can purchase assets. For people at distance, one can get transfer to home town. Promotion at job, appreciation in business. Children will be at focus, they will prosper and received good news from them. Increase in family member is possible. At the last week, there could be some issues related with brothers. Be polite with them and manage.

16th June’15 to 17th July’15
Those in joint families, division among brother could be there. Business will increase manifolds. There could be lot of traveling. One might take big risks. In second fortnight, one can face lot of competition and has to put pressure to get work done. In case of any combat, win could come very easily. People involve in risk management will rise. There is possibility of theft. Foreign travel, long distance travel is indicated this month.

17th July ’15 to 17th Aug’15
More focused at home. This period is for solving problems related to children. Wife could be too much worried for children. For bachelors, this period is very good for starting any new relationship.  Help and serve the parents. Avoid any type of disputes and aggression. Sudden mishaps or accidents could occur. Drive safely. Indigestion and stomach related illness could occur.

17th Aug’15 to 17th Sep’15
For Bachelors , those in love relationship must talk with their parents. This is period to find solutions for any concerns of parents in this regard. For parents, this period is much focused on children for their career and other matters. Their could be health problems to children. Children may shift to other city. Wife could face health problems. At career, this period can bring good news, promotion or appreciation at the end of last week.

17th Sep’15 to 18th Oct’15
There could be lots of misunderstanding and disputes in love affairs that may lead to breakup. For parents, children could face lot of health problems, if this occurs that Mahamrityunjay mantra is recommended for them. At career promotion with transfer is indicated. Very good period for sportsmen , they will travel and fight lot of challenges and could win.

18th Oct’15 to 17th Nov’15
There could be break up in love relationships. Those are waiting for divorce from court can avail it. This month is not good for businessmen. They must avoid any type of anger while dealing with customers. While doing any types of agreements they must read the documents carefully. You can be cheated.

17th Nov’15 to 16th Dec’15
There could be much worries for children. You may get separated from children due to movement to distance place. There could be health problems to children. There could be sudden transfer in job, loss of position in job or demotion, allegations. Overall one has to be cautious in this month.  Death in joint family or in close relative could happen. Best part is that you will be protected by god in spite of all problems. 

16th Dec’15 to 31st Dec’15
Some expenditure related to spirituality, puja, havam is indicated. Things will get start improving from previous month. Good news from children is indicated. Parents will be happy. Pending works could be done due to mere luck. At the end of month there could be expenditure at domestic front.

Best Wishes
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