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Rashiphal Sagittarius 2015


29th Dec’14 to 15th Jan’15
Youthful appearances attract you, and you enjoy being around those who are young or who think young. This is a good month to discuss your interests in a partnership because you communicate your position convincingly. You can make an impression on clients and associates by being self-assured in what you say. It will be funs and full of opportunities to meet friends. Positive interaction and hard work will brighten your month.

14th Jan’15 to 13th Feb’15
You can harmonize almost any situation no matter how discordant. Its period to focus in your joint family and make active involvement  in celebrations with them. Give time and care to your mother. By taking them more seriously, you earn their respect. You can get easily support from spouse and must talk to them before venturing into any risks.

13th Feb’15 to 15th Mar 15
This is huge probability of accident this month so drive very safely. Infact don’t drive yourself. Those waiting for transfers can pursue now. There will be lot of daily travel and physical hard work that could lead to fatigue. There is possibility of theft.  Serious work should dominate now. While nothing may come easily, your diligence can bring success. This generally is a good time to set goals for your work and to establish the guidelines to achieve them.

15th Mar 15 to 14th April 15
This period focuses more on domestic front. Health wise blood pressure and heart issues would be prominent. Meeting with old friends is indicated. One can get important work done from government sector after expenses. One of the siblings may face troubles. You may want something you cannot get, which can prove frustrating, unless you let it go.
Communication within  the family or in partnerships could sort out many differences.

 14th April 15 to 15th May 15
This period could bring new ideas to run the business. Reputation of professionals would rise to large extent due to your quick responsive attitude. You will work aggressively. You can hear good news from children. Their could be health problem to your spouse. Be careful while traveling. There could be change of place and you can undertake long journeys.

15th May 15 to 15th June’15
Dangers from fever, acidity in stomach , liver problem is indicated in this period. Manage the eating habit carefully and regular in diet. Lot of pressure and hard work in job. Expense could be there in renovating the home or in repairs works. Purchase or sale of property could be there. There could be legal issues related to property. In business government penalties could be issued. 

15th June’15 to 17th July’15

Lots of hardships and unexpected difficulty is indicated in business. This period favors students as they can get satisfactory results in competition. Aggression on customer and staff could lead to breakage in relations and diplomacy could help to solve the issues.

17th July ’15 to 17th Aug’15
This being a nondescript month, in which all your affairs will be mark time neither progress forward nor retrogress unduly. Quarrels and unwelcome changes, enmities, frequent journeying and mental worries from the results of your own actions, vain temptations are among the probable results. Your wife may suffer ill health and you may suffer injuries. In the last week one may suffer business loss also. This could be favorable month for doing business negotiation with foreign customers.

17th Aug’15 to 17th Sep’15
You act out of a desire to bring harmony into your life and the lives of others. Mother could face health problems. You may change your house this month. You may feel very confident and positive but that does not mean you will do what needs to be done. There may be some amount of confusion. You must not act according to any vague idea that comes to your mind. If you find opposition you may even go beyond your limit and create a situation of discord. Support from father is indicated. Take care of own health especially liver related problems.

17th Sep’15 to 18th Oct’15
Your observation skills will pay you in career. Avoid criticism and presenting new ideas or information should get a favorable response. This period promotes serious communications and an aversion to the superficial. People will listen you and follow you.
Backbiting could be there which can harm your reputation. At domestic front there could be issues related to children.  

18th Oct’15 to 17th Nov’15
This month needs of children will be at prime focus. Expenses on property and children is indicated. Due to support and advice of wife at career front, you would be benefited. Business would flourish this month. People appreciate you now, and you readily reciprocate the feeling. Appreciation is a wonderful way to feel united with a partner. Interactions with others often are exciting, although people can sometimes disturb your daily routine.

17th Nov’15 to 16th Dec’15
This month lot of traveling is indicated. There is strong possibility to travel distance place or any foreign country. Keep yourself fit through regular exercise. You might feel too much physical weak internally. You may feel a sense of restlessness invading your mind. You may indulge in unconventional behavior. Members of the opposite sex may keep your attention busy. You may get attracted to the wrong person and may act out of line.

16th Dec’15 to 31st Dec’15
There are a few cautions for you. Do not be overconfident or over critical about any matter. The clear picture will only appear after a while. So for now you should maintain routine and keep your eyes and ears open and attentive. Family members may demand too much and you may have to maintain a good balance in this sphere for the sake of peace and harmony.

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