Monday, January 05, 2015

Rashiphal Pisces 2015


29th Dec’14 to 15th Jan’15
Possessing a strong opinion, you may be compelled to speak-and forced to listen. Communicating your thoughts and feelings in whatever way is appropriate can provide a needed release. This often is an intense month for mental activity. You can meet or contact people in powerful positions. Those waiting for a change in job or work environment can avail this month. Financially this period can bring good increment.

14th Jan’15 to 13th Feb’15
This month is not good for health matter related to wife and children. You must give more time to wife and keep eye on her health matters. Financially very favorable period, you can be rewarded with extra benefits and incentives. Rise in reputation is strongly indicated. Friendship with authorities and social circles could broaden.  One can visit foreign countries or could have long distance travel.

13th Feb’15 to 15th Mar 15
It is the time to remain alone for solitude and to fill the heart with compassion, love and peace. Better to avoid all decision related to career spend money for long holidays with family. It’s the periods to remain detach with material world and seek spiritual truths. Aggression could break in relationship. Partner could become more demanding and extreme behavior could break relationships.  

15th Mar 15 to 14th April 15
You can show courage and high energy drive to initiate the ambitious project which was formerly put on the back burner. There could be the feeling of irritation and agitation on many issues and can face accident because of it. Try to be calm while driving or walking. Your bossy attitude can bring tension with seniors and elders. While success is more likely now in the business you transact, it requires an ability to recognize those options that are worthwhile and those that are not since there often is a wealth of information to consider.

14th April 15 to 15th May 15
Signing an agreement or negotiating a partnership is usually to your advantage. Beware of speech, insulting, abrupt word can anger others. Just be careful in spending. Take advice from your wife at career front. It’s time to replace electronics, phones, televisions, or computers. It’s good period to make good relations with siblings.

15th May 15 to 15th June’15
Short travels will reveals lot of information and open the mind to learn valuable information. Marketing managers must visit their customers and have face to face talks. This is very good period for research scholars to present their work and initiate their ideas into practical applications. Fortune will help to get loans and other resources very easily to initiate any new enterprise. Siblings and close friends will have good support. Health of father could be concerning.

15th June’15 to 17th July’15
Matters related to joint properties will be at focus. Securities issues could be of concern. Meeting with old friends and support from authorities is promised. There could be more pressure from spouse for their demands. Wise communication within the family can solve many issues. Professionally this whole period is favorable.

17th July ’15 to 17th Aug’15
Give quality time to children. They can be more emotional, looking for support and drain your energy. Doing creative things can bring optimistic attitude at home and office. New creative idea can bring profits. Boss could be having more dictator attitude. New job opportunities would be knocking the door. You can avail the appropriate offers by doing proper negotiations. Health wise support could be needed to your spouse. Aggression and abrupt speaking can lead to big loss.    

17th Aug’15 to 17th Sep’15
Be wary of misunderstandings at work. You may lose your focus more easily, missing important details. Business you attract now may turn out different than it appears. What glitters may get your attention now, but it is important to look below the surface to the substance of any potential new business. Being honest and demanding honesty with whom you work can mitigate any deception that surfaces this month.

17th Sep’15 to 18th Oct’15
Spouse could be more demanding. In business there is possibility of cheating therefore before signing any contract make sure of all conditions by reading two-three times thoroughly. Health of parents needs constant attention. One could hear good news from children. Although there will be financial progress still lot of tension will make the health weak. Medical expenses are indicated. Expenses on construction work or repairing of building could be there.

18th Oct’15 to 17th Nov’15
This period is brings pressure. You must be alert and be preventive in all aspects. Expressing your feelings brings a favorable response. You can re-arrange your files and other things at your work place. At business fresh agreement can be made with partner for future plans. You can travel a vocation with your spouse. If there is any decision regarding division of inheritance in the family than you may not get your part.

17th Nov’15 to 16th Dec’15
Your spouse could be too much demanding and you could be in too much anger. Avoid rash decision and communication with your spouse. In business don’t be abrupt with your customer. Boss could force his own decision. Cutting back on unnecessary or frivolous things is a new lesson to learn. Discipline in life is needed. Meeting with a father or father figure will give guidance and counsel. Practical view and action can bring good financial profits.

16th Dec’15 to 31st Dec’15
Name and fame would increase exponentially. People will listen and obey you. This is very good time to appear for an interview. In existing company one can be rewarded for his good work.   

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