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Original Nadi Astrology Teaching Series Post 1 & 2

This teachings written by scholar shri Ram Krishan Goel, now residing in Gurgoen. This Nadi system where Ascendent is considered equally very important. Now for us he has produced the series to understand the basics and naunces of original Nadi Astrology. This particular material is cover under his copyright as wherever applicable.

His material will be soon available in print.  He can be contacted through 09810919479

[Vijay Goel] I find it is expansion of R G Rao's nandi nadi concept with ascendent. All nadis has same basic but little bit differet in applications. Much of the basic content is taken from "Core of Nadi Astrology" of Late RG Rao.

Sun- Represents  (karakatwats  i.e significators )
Male Planet – Atma (soul)- Pita ( Father) –Putra ( Son) – Raja(King)-Minister (High Post) like chairmen, king, prime minister, ( person ruling society, group, persons etc) –glow –Status- Eminent personalities
In morning it is like Bramha- in noon it is like Mahesh (Shiva) (prachanda)- in evening it is like Vishnu
Power, fort, heat, splendor, valour, fire, positive courage, royal favor, land, forest, right eye, quadrupt, land, cattle, lion, ston, lord of east, hight, ruby, orange color, self relisation, satvika ( it is one quality out of Swatika, Rajasika, Taamosika), kingdom, Cave of lion or similar shape-Jungli Trees ( thorny plants), medicines ( Not all medicines but made from solids contains energy  like Ruby Bhasam)
 Note – Sun is lord of fifth house of Kala Purush Horoscope – Hence signifies many characteristics of fifth house like Son ( Santan)

Moon- Represents
Mother (Moon is lord of fourth house of Kala Purush Horoscope – Hence signifies many characteristics of mother, mother and fourth is female, hence represent females)-Mind-cold –cough-art, water, liquid, eatables, vibration, motion, traveling, impulse of mind like tides-tides- controller of mind- milk- ocean-( ksheer Sagar)-mother in-law-river-lake–food products- lots of white products, produced from ocean like Pearl,……….like sipi etc.
Please note that if Moon all alone is found in female horoscope it represent male and in male horoscope it represents female. The same rule applies for eunuch (HIZDA) planets i.e. Mercury & Saturn. However, mercury changes its behavior in company of other planets.
Moon indicates cunningness & fraud. Since the moon changes its shape daily the quality of significator also changes accordingly. It also signifies intelligence, perfumes, Phelmatics, mental disposition, silver, typhoid, sleep, water source like well, lake, ponds, whiteness, salty, universal mother Goddess Gauri, curd, fame, distance like going to distance citis or countries, blood, juicy fruits, crystal, female royal ness, politics, north west-left eye, character, royal favor,

Note- Moon is karak or significator of Mother. It means it indicate the qualities of mother for any one’s not only to the native. Similarly significators or karak tatwa for other planets are considered. ( This will be explained in examples)

Mars- male planet- commander-hills-mountain-rocks-metals-machineries-spheres-ractangles-bullets-weapons-egoism-hard substances-hard materials- in male Horoscope it signifies BROTHER while in female Horoscope it signifies HUSBAND (Note- Mars is lord of first house of Kala Purush Horoscope –signifies the native and Venus lord of seventh house signifies wife hence it signifies the Husband in  female horoscope.)-burning fire –scissors-triangular in shape-stones-pillars-teeth.
Since Mars is lord of eirth house of Kala Purush Horoscope –signifies the native Manliness or the power of man- (Poursh Tatwa). It signifies the power (Shakti)- Lord Subramanya – Mars also changes its kind of power as per its situation in horoscope.

Mercury-embodying concept of Lord Vishnu- son of moon-forehead-intelligence-intellect- education-agricultural land
Note- Mercury signifies Education and its quality, Quality of education is judge by Mercury and its placement, association, conjunction, aspects and  placement of other planets in horoscope.
Friend- ( Lord of third house of kalapurasha horoscope which is the house of friends)- Greens-Younger uncle-Younger- younger uncle, younger sister& brother-mud walla-skin-crops-information –trade & trading-soft-attraction- Rajkumar(Prince)-Arrow sign in shape-atreya gotra- buddha avatar – alloys- spicy taste-leaves –Emerald-gram( chana)-accounting-maths, statistics-logic- BEHAVIOR etc
Note- Mars and Mercury are  enemy to each other. Hence conjunction of Mars causes trouble in education. Because Mars is ego and native develops an ego during study or during thinking (Chintan).

It has been observed this situation is found during conjunction or when mercury is ahead rto Mars in transit. i.e. Mercury  ( Buddhi- talent transit to Mars (ego ) result is obstruction In study or education but when Mars transit to Mercury, Mars takes power of Mercury, hence increases talent such natives are found mathematician). If this combination has benefic aspects of benefic planets, quality of education further improves or vice versa.


POST No.   2

Jupitor-  Signifies JEEVA (life)   only for Males- ( पुरुष  के लिए जीव कारक )Respect like Guru (preceptor) गुरु एवम् गुरु की तरह सम्मानित-Status-Guide-Master- Teacher  (गुरु ज्ञान देने वाला जेसे मास्टरजी। डॉक्टर। पंडित पुजारी आदि) –Head of religious institution (किसी धार्मिक संथा का अधिपति) -Yellow color पील एवम् सुनहरी  रंग-Nose नाक-ractangle In shapeचोकोर -angeerasa In gotra अंग्रीका गोत्र-places of human, धार्मिक स्थान स्कूल कॉलेज development and research like school, college-hospitals हॉस्पिटल etc, curse of brahmins ब्राह्मण का दोष, trees पूजा योग्य पेड़, vamaan avatar वामन अवतार, tin, topaz-sweet taste-peepal tree-mota chana- religious preceptor- enjoys ministership position, God Bramha ब्रह्मा जी, all religious study, research study – HALDI हल्दी-religious pleasure  धार्मिक सुख।

Note- Almost all the planet signifies status-respect-authority-commanding position etc. तकरीवन सभी ग्रह स्थिति आदर ताकत पदवी आदि देते है।But astrologers get confused while applying significations. परन्तु एस्ट्रो गलत फेमि का शिकार हो जाते है ।Hence it may please be noted that अत यह धयान रखना चाहिए की कोंनसा ग्रह किस पदवी को देगा। Sun signifies authority of kingly or similar type, सूर्य राजाओ जेसी पदवी एवम् व्यवहार चाल चलंन देगा ।Moon signifies soft and queenly authority चंद्रमा रानियो जेसी, Mars signifies military type मंगल धौंस जेसे मिलिट्री पुलिस गुंडा, Mercury signifies Princly राज कुमारो जेसी- Jupiter signifies Guru or Guide or religious authority ( Jupiter is Guru of Devtas) गुरुओ जेसी , Venus signifies authority like guru but only difference is that it is guru of Demons or rakashs. शुक्र राज कुमारी एवम् गुरुओ जेसी। Jupiter & Venus both are Gurus(Perceptors). Saturn signifies authority like slaves, peon or low kind person. शनि स्लेव नोकर आदि जेसी।Rahu signifies cheating,slave, low kind person type authority राहू धोके बाजी नीच व्यक्तियों जेसी. Ketu signifies Moksha type (revelation) type authority धार्मिक मोक्ष मन्त्र जेसी. Difference between Rahu and Ketu should be noted carefully. राहू केतु मे अंतर समझ ले।Rahu leads to Tantrik or evil way of life राहू तांत्रिक तरीका ओर केतु वेदिक तरीको का कारक है। while Ketu leads Vedic way of life. Rahu leads to Narak & Ketu leads to Swarga (heaven) Moksha. Readers are advised to use meaning of significations In above manners or other significationsकेतु स्वर्ग की ओर ओर राहू नरक की ओर ले जाता है।

गुरु पुरुष कुंडली मे जातक को ओर शुक्र स्त्री कुंडली मे स्त्री जातक को दरसाता है।

Venus- Signifies JEEVA (life) only for Females. शुक्र स्त्री कुंडली मे जातक का कारक है। Cheekगाल -embodying concept of Goddess Maha laxmiमाह लक्ष्मी- wealth धन-house घर-luxury सजावटी एवम् आराम का सामान-elder sister बड़ी बहन-daughter-In-law नंन्द एवम् पुत्र वधु-lotus कमल का फूल-oval shape अंडा कार- born from ocean during churning of ocean, preceptors of demons राक्षश देव। shukra acharya-power of sanjeevini ( life saving drugs and medicines जीवन दायक दावाई ,  turmeric powder कुंम कुंम, long life लबा जीवन- GODDESS LAXMI लक्ष्मी देवी- Married  ladies शादी सुदा औरत- HOUSE घर -pentagonal shape 5 भुजी सकल -bhargave gotra-plaecs of wealth धन की जगह,joy and pleasure खुसी एवम् आनंद।
Note – Venus is lord of second & seventh house of Kala Purush Horoscope शुक्र काल पुरुष कुंडली के दूसरे एवम् सातवे भाव का स्वामी है। – Hence signifies many characteristics of second& seventh house  like wealth, bank balance, rajsik sanskaars, wife , females, joy & pleasure (sexual & non sexual) etc अत दूसरे भाव संबंधित बहुत चीज़ों को बताता है। जेसे बैंक बेलेंस, राजसिक संस्कार, पत्नी, अन्य स्त्री (दूसरा भाव परिवार का है ओर परिवार मे बहुत स्त्री होती है सभी को. Foster mother\पालने वाली माँ). Parsuram avatar परसुराम अवतार, Panch loha metal पञ्च लोह , sour taste खट्टा टेस्ट - juicy fruits रसों से भरे फल ( sour-like mango, pineapple)-fig trees-beans etable-minister मिनिस्टर-dimond हीरा -Higher Studies उच्च पढ़ाई-House keeping घर का रख रखाव -marketing व्यापार

Mythologically Jupitor and Sukra both are  achharya,  preceptors, eqully intelligent and follower of rules and regulations (Sedhaantika)  पौराणिक रूप से बृहस्पति एवम् शुक्र दोनो है आचार्य एक समान विद्वान,शिक्षक, गुरु ओर धर्म सत्य एवम् नियमो के दृढ़ अनुयायी है. But Sukra achharya was able to re give life to dead persons by Sanjeevni Vidhya where as Jupiter was not able to do so शुक्रआचार्य मृत संजीवनी विद्या द्वारा मृत को जीवन देंने मे सफल थे मतलब उन्हें यह विद्या आती थी जो।शिवजी ने समुद्र मन्थन के समय उन्हें प्रदान की थी। परन्तु ब्रहस्पति को ऐसा कोई ज्ञान नही था। Therefore, life saving drugs is portion of Venus.इसी लिए जीवन दायक औषिधि शुक्र के अधिपत्य मे आती है। Mythologically ,Sukra achharya did not follow the Vedic rules during Vamman Avtaar ,he stops Bali to not donate his land to Vamman an Avtaar of Lord Vishnu. As a result of it, Sukra achharya lost right eye. So remember it that eyes are also affected by Venus aspect or conjunction on Moon and Sun. पौराणिक रूप से शुक्राचार्य ने वामन अवतार के समय बालि को अपना राज्य एवम् जमीन देने से मना किया था। ओर वेदिक नियमो का विरोध हुआ। इसके परिणाम स्वरूप शुक्राचार्य की एक आँख खराब हो गई । इनको सूर्य।रूपी विष्णु । एवम् कमंडल से जल रूपी त्रीस्कार के कारण ऐसा हुआ। (ब्राह्मण लोग जल के छिटे लगाते है किसी भी धार्मिक कार्य मे) । अत शुक्र आँख का कारक भी हुआ।

Note-Mercury is Buddhi and Venus is higher study. This combination makes native very intelligent. Jupter is knowledge (Gyaan). If these three links each other in any way, the natinw is found most intelligent and may have very higher education. This combination is known as Sawarswati (Godess of Vidhya or education) Yoga.

नोट- बुध बुद्धि एवम् पढ़ाई है। शुक्र उच्च पढ़ाई है। ब्रहस्पति ज्ञान है। अत बुध एवम् शुक्र की।युति जातक को होशियार बनाती है।ओर उच्च पढ़ाई देती है ।परन्तु ज्ञान का भंडार ब्रहस्पति देता है। बहुत से जातक उच्च शिक्षा पाते है परन्तु ज्ञान नही होता है।

अत अगर इन तीनो का सम्बन्ध बनता है तो जातक बुद्धिमान ज्ञानी एवम् चातुर्य पूर्ण होसियार होता है।

इसीलिए इन तीन ग्रहो का योग शरस्वती योग अर्थात विद्या की देवी योग कहलाता है

आज थोड़ी हिन्दी भी जोड़ दी है। जिससे हिन्दी वाले भी आसानी से समझ सके।


Please go through these notes.

Best Wishes,
Vijay Goel
Mob : 8003004666


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